Kemal is a Fast, Effective, Simple web framework written in Crystal.

Hello everyone,

I’m super excited and happy to release Kemal 1.0 on my birthday (Mar 22) right after Crystal 1.0. It’s the best birthday present I could ever wish for :birthday:

This release adds support for Crystal 1.0 and makes Kemal the first Crystal project to fully support Crystal 1.0.

It’s been a long ride and Kemal is 1.0 after:

  • 733 Commits
  • 601 Pull Requests
  • 48 Releases
  • 56 Contributors

and we’re just starting :rocket:

Thanks for using and supporting Kemal. You can check the full CHANGELOG here.

P.S: You can support Kemal development via Patreon :pray:

Happy Crystalling :heart: