Hello everyone,

It’s just been 59 minutes since Crystal 0.21.0 is released and Kemal 0.18.1 is already here :rocket:

  • Crystal 0.21.0 support :heart:
  • Drop multipart.cr dependency. multipart support is now built-into Crystal <3
  • Since Crystal 0.21.0 comes built-in with multipart there are some minor changes.

meta has been removed from FileUpload and now it has the following properties

  • tmpfile: This is temporary file for file upload. Useful for saving the upload file.
  • filename: File name of the file upload. (logo.png, images.zip e.g)
  • headers: Headers for the file upload.
  • creation_time: Creation time of the file upload.
  • modification_time: Last Modification time of the file upload.
  • read_time: Read time of the file upload.
  • size: Size of the file upload.

P.S: File uploads are faster :fire:

Happy Crystalling!