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Database Connection

Kemal is Database Agnostic. It doesn’t enforce any database and / or libraries.

However, here are some suggested libraries that you can use

  • crystal-db: Common DB API for Crystal. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
  • crecto: Database wrapper for Crystal, inspired by Ecto.
  • topaz: A simple and useful db wrapper.

Please check the relevant repo for samples and more info.

Using Crystal DB with Kemal

To use crystal-db with Kemal you will need to make sure it’s included in your shard as well as the compatible driver (i.e. mysql, sqlite, pg…)

Using Kemal with MySQL

require "kemal"
require "db"
require "mysql"

# Open a connection to MySQL
MYSQL ="mysql://root@localhost:3306/my_db")
at_exit { MYSQL.close } # Be sure to close the connection

get "/posts/:id" do |env|
  title = MYSQL.query_one?("SELECT title FROM posts WHERE id = ?", env.params.url["id"], as: {String})
  "Loaded post #{title}"

Using Kemal with PostgreSQL

require "kemal"
require "db"
require "pg"

# Open a connection to PostgreSQL
PG ="postgres://root@localhost:5432/my_db?max_pool_size=10&retry_attempts=3")
at_exit { PG.close }

patch "/posts/:id" do |env|
  PG.exec "UPDATE posts SET content = $1 WHERE id = $2", env.params.body["content"], env.params.url["id"]

NOTE: According to these docs use ? for placeholders in mysql or sqlite, but $1 for placeholders in pg.

Using Kemal with SQLite3

require "kemal"
require "db"
require "sqlite3"

# Open a connection to SQLite3
SQLITE ="sqlite3:./path/to/file.db")
at_exit { SQLITE.close }

post "/posts" do |env|
  args = [] of DB::Any
  args << env.params.body["title"].as(String)
  args << env.params.body["content"].as(String)
  SQLITE.exec "INSET INTO posts VALUES (?, ?)", args

NOTE: You will need to read up on the indiviual documentation for the driver you want to use. Here are the docs for crystal-db.